Simple, yet powerful templates with support for anything from variable interpolation to complex template logic.
Clean, per-cluster configuration files in either YAML or JSON to define what should be deployed and how.
Easy organisation of Kubernetes resources into reusable resource sets. Need to deploy something twice, with different configurations? No problem.
Integration with kubectl including support for dry-run template validation against a Kubernetes server and automatic context switching.
Support for pass, the standard UNIX password manager.
... and more on the horizon!


Getting started

Installing kontemplate is easy and you don't even need to curl foo | sudo sh!

Binary downloads (current version: 1.7.0-511ae92) are available for:

The source is on Github.

The binaries are signed with the GPG key 36EE34814F6D294A and built repeatably and reproducibly with Nix. See the README for more information.

If you are running Arch Linux you can use the git-master PKGBUILD or the stable binary PKGBUILD.

If you are running macOS and use Homebrew, you can tap Kontemplate like this:

brew tap tazjin/kontemplate https://github.com/tazjin/kontemplate
brew install kontemplate


Contributions to kontemplate are very welcome. Check out the issue tracker to find something to work on, or file new issues!

Please familiarise yourself with the code of conduct before getting involved, I would prefer to not have to slap people with large trouts.